A.C.E., Inc. is the acronym for Agency for Civil Enforcement. We are a Florida Corporation since 1999 and have exceeded 400,000 successful transactions. The company is owned and operated by Jonathan Levy who is the principal managing agent. Mr. Levy is a licensed Private Investigator (A9900347) and holds a Sherriff Appointed Special Process Server License. Mr. Levy is also a licensed Process Server who is certified by the Chief Judge of the Court.

The management staff consists of several individuals who are trained, knowledgeable and are capable of providing every service offered by the company. Each staff member has been trained, periodically re-retrained and is encouraged to attend monthly and annual educational seminars.

A.C.E. is an Experienced RISK MANAGEMENT vendor for major corporations throughout the Nation

Our Door knocking and address visitation services are risk management services that immediately address your current needs and minimize your exposure to future problems. We assist with providing you with valuable information so you can carry out decisions that will minimize the adverse effect of non-payment, unresponsive customers and unknown circumstances placing your file in abeyance or into a possible loss status.

At A.C.E. our service offerings amount to an extensive risk management process vital to keeping information, facts and circumstances current. We keep customers and debtors information, updated and on their toes. Our services provide you with vital information and enhance your chances of minimizing losses while optimizing the potential of each situation.

A.C.E. Inc. Nationwide Services is an Effective Communication Tool

A.C.E., Inc. is a professional address inspection, customer out reach and process serving service company. We provide a wide range of inspection services, direct communications with customers and process serving.

The primary mission of our door knocking services is to re-establish communication with your customer. A.C.E. agents do not engage the customer with specifics regarding their delinquency, debt and or collect money. When our agents have the opportunity to meet with your customer, they will attempt to relay the importance of having them contact your office as soon as possible. We require you provide us with a letter to present the customer /debtor prior to commencing services. We believe it is in your best interest to have a formal letter requesting any and all information you need to resolve your concerns. Or, if your issue with the customer has escalated to the level of the issuance of a Summons or Citation, one of our Process Servers will serve the defendant expeditiously.