Frequently Asked Questions about Field Agents and Door Knocking Services

What services do the Agents of Nationwide Door Knockers Perform?

We are a nationwide network of professional Door Knocking field agents. We are primarily interested in traveling to a specific address and knocking on its door so as to engage to occupant. The most popular service our door knocking field agents provide are face to face meetings with debtors, slow or no paying clients and observing the interior and exterior of the location. We take copious notes, digital images and engage the owner when available. We also deliver notices and demand letters. We become your representative and aspire obtain and document the condition of the location and who the current occupants are, if any.

What do you typically charge for Local Door services?

Our door knocking fees start at 95.00. However, if the address is located in a rural or remote area fees may be higher. Generally speaking, we offer flat fees for basic door knocking services but will offer you a special fee for any custom services you request.

What is the time frame your field agents perform Door Knocking services?

Our field agents offer four levels of timed services. The faster the timing, the more expensive the fee is.

1. Standard Timed Door Knocking Services are performed within a week to ten days.

2. Quick Timed Door Knocking Services are performed within five business days

3. Fast Special Timed Door Knocking Services are performed within two to three business days

4. Same Day Door Knocking Services may be performed the same day of your request provided you confirm your request before 10:30 am

Do Door Knocking Field Agents Evict or Remove People?

No, sorry. Our job is to knock on the door of the address you send us to. We will try to speak with the occupant and ascertain information for you. We will take digital images and to speak with the subject(s) who are in possession of the property.

Are your Door Knocking services Performed all days and evenings of the week?

Yes, we are a 24/7 Door Knocking Field Agent service and will work all days and hours as needed.

How many Nationwide Door Knocking Field Agents work for your Company?

We are a nationwide field agent management business. We have door knocking agents strategically situated. throughout America. We have a minimum of three agents within most counties in America.

How do I retain a Door Knocking Field Agent ?

Retaining a field agent to conduct a Door Knocking Service is easy.

First make sure you have the correct address where you will be sending our field agent.

Second, list all of the services needed.

Third, make sure you tell us your required timing as to when you need the door knocking field agent service to be completed by.

Last, email all of these details to us for a quote

How do I pay for your Field Agent for Door Knocking services?

We only accept payment by credit card which can easily be made using one of our on line secure links that we send you upon request.

Is there any type of door knocking service your field agents will not offer ? Yes. We do not access property i.e. homes and commercial locations that post "No trespassing" signs. We do not enter front doors without express consent of the occupant. We will not attempt to take digital images from a wall, in a tree or using any type of ladder elevated apparatus.

How do I receive your field agent door knocking report?

All reports and digital images are sent to you via email only.

Do you have a list of door knocking services performed by your field agents?

Yes, we have a long list of field agent services, but the services you hiring us to perform will be in accordance with your list of directives not our list of services. If you need some recommendations, just ask!

Thank you for taking the time to read some of the most frequently asked questions about our field agent door knocking services. If you have any questions, need advice or would like to request services please call or email us anytime. We are eager to assist new clients and aim to provide you with reliable information and proof.