Frequently Asked Questions about this Directory of Process Servers

Listed below are our featured nationwide process service companies. These unique and dependable service providers are equipped to handle your process service requests anywhere in America. To get started, click on any one or all listed process service companies and get information and quotes within minutes.

If you prefer to speak with local process servers, please scroll down to where you can find process servers by state, county, and city.

Sunshine Process Services

Sandra Sunshine

Process Server

Quickie's Services

Amanda Quick

Process Server

Christiansen Services

Robert Christiansen

Process Server

Metro Process

Artie Scott

Process Server

What services do the Process Servers of this Directory Perform?

We are a nationwide directory of professional Process Servers. We do not provide any process serving or legal support services. We operate exclusively and entirely directory services.

The most popular services performed by our listed process servers is serving lawsuits and subpoenas; delivering notifications and demand letters and face to face meetings with anyone who is subject to a situation that requires a personal visit. Our Process Servers take copious notes, digital images and engage the subject, when needed. They become your representative and aspire to assist you with your needs.

What do Process Servers charge for Process Serving services?

Process Servers listed in our directory are known for offering the lowest fee quotes and the most reliable services. Each service request has its own personality as such, quotes are predicated upon where, when and how a request is expected to be performed. Generally speaking, listed Process Servers offer flat fees for basic process serving services but will offer you a special fee for any custom services you request.

What is the time frame Process Servers perform Service of Process Services?

Process Servers typically offer four levels of timed services. The faster the timing, the more expensive the fee.

  • Standard Timed Process Services are performed within a week to ten days
  • Quick Timed Process Services are performed within five business days
  • Fast Special Timed Process Services are performed within two to three business days
  • Same Day Process Services are performed the same day of your request provided you confirm your request before 10:30 am, local time

  • Do Process Servers Evict or Remove People?

    No, sorry. Process Servers knock on the door of the address you send them to. They will try to speak with the occupant and ascertain information for you. They are primarily engaged in delivering notifications and demand letters, and serving lawsuits, orders and subpoenas.

    Do Process Servers listed in your directory perform services all days and evenings of the week?

    Yes, they are available to assist you around the clock. Process Servers will work all days and hours as needed, except when or where laws prohibit services.

    How many Process Servers work for your Company?

    We are a nationwide directory of elite Process Servers. We have Process Servers strategically situated throughout America. We have listings of process servers throughout America.

    How do I retain a Process Server ?

    Retaining a Process Server to conduct Service of Process Service is easy.

    • First make sure you have the correct address where you will be sending our Process Server
    • Second, list all of the services needed
    • Third, make sure you tell the Process Server you contacted your required timing as to when you need the process service to be completed by
    • Last, and most importantly, send your request via the "CONTACT" Link above

    How do I pay for Process Servers for anticipated services?

    Payment is up to you and the Process Server you hire. Most Process Servers accept all major credit cards, checks and other forms of payment.

    Is there any type of process serving services your Process Servers will not offer?

    Yes. Process Servers do not access property i.e. homes and or commercial locations that post no trespassing or do not enter signs. They do not enter front doors without the express consent of the occupant. They will not attempt to take digital images from a wall, in a tree or using any type of ladder or elevated apparatus.

    How do I receive a Process Servers report?

    All reports and digital images are sent to you via email, unless otherwise agreed to.

    Do you have a list of process serving services performed by your listed Process Servers?

    If you need a list of services and fees, please ask the Process Servers who you communicate with or visit any one or all of our pages in this site.

    Displayed here are the U.S. states and territories where you can discover process servers. Simply select the area where you require assistance, and you will be presented with a roster of thoroughly screened and qualified process servers who are enthusiastic to aid you.