Billing and Fees for Process Serving Services

A. C. E., Inc. requires process serving services be paid for in advance of anticipated services. All service fees are agreed to in writing before services are rendered. Should service requests need to be modified which will necessitate altering fees, confirmation and authorization must be in writing. Most process services an services are billed on a flat fee basis. Some long term projects or high volume service requests are specially priced. All billing relating process services is accounted for in by address / zip code. The client [you] pays for all expenses and applicable taxes. Initial consultations are always Pro Bono and are by appointment only.


Process Serving Fees are determined by the location (zip code) where services are to be effectuated and by your required timing. Routine services take place within a week to ten days.


Process Serving services are available 365 days a year 24 hours a day and are billed at double the standard fee.


Process Serving Fee's Service requests are billed at triple the standard fee. All services must be prepaid in advance of services. Services are billed by address we visit and how many service requests are to be performed at each address.


Are handled entirely as a special project and are designed to be performed in a manner that is different than typical door knocking services. Special requests typically involve specific places, dates and times that are considered before or after normal hours of operations.

You agree, when you send us your request, the address where you send us to is entirely your responsibility. If the address is wrong, improperly listed, typed or transposed improperly, cannot be found, is vacant and or no longer exists, etc. (bad address) the fee you agreed to must be paid for in full regardless of the results. We do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of addresses provided, unless we are retained to do so. We charge additional fees for second and or alternate addresses or locations. Arrangements and requests for Door Knocking, Process Serving are considered unique services and are billed as such.

ALL ROUTINE AND BASIC PROCESS SERVICE FEES START AT $75.00 AND DO NOT INCLUDE ADD ON SERVICES, EXPENSES, MILEAGE, TRAVEL OR WAIT TIME. Generally, for basic door knocking, process serving services in major cities, fees range from $75.00 to $125.00. Fees will increase when the subject location or person or defendant is 20+ miles outside a major city and if same day, rush or specially timed services are requested.